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A Proud Canadian Company
A Proud Canadian Company

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Find Your Dream Desk

Read on to find out which desk bests suits you and your needs
There are several different types of desks out there - but which type works best for you?


Stylish and practical with a bookcase on the side, this type of desk is perfect for smaller home offices.  Comes with ample storage space so you can tuck away all those important documents after the work day, and keep up the stylish chic during the evening. It's neatly spaced compartments make being organized a breeze!


Extremely versatile and compact, this desk is sleek and a space saver.  A simple bottom storage keeps everything organized without sacrificing design.  It's finished exterior is so beautiful it can even be used as an accent table.


Industrial and charming, this contemporary styled desk is very spacious and is a standout piece no matter where you place it in your home.


L shaped and designed to fit in larger spaces, this desk boasts ample room for your computer and printer amongst all of your other office necessities.  This gorgeous style really shines and with all the extra storage space, you can't go wrong!


Your time is important - so is where you spend it!
First of all, consider your home space and how much time you think you will spend in it.


If you have pets or small children this will also likely be a factor in where you can place and which desk you should purchase as we want to minimize distraction as much as possible.

This leads us on to measurements and fit - you don't need the additional stress of accidentally bumping into the edge of your desk every hour or so!

Pick a place that you feel is comfortable.

Next on the agenda - how much storage do you think you will need?  If you are unsure, think about how many emails you have sitting in your inbox right now... chances are they are over 9000 - if you are a big archiver it is probably a good idea to buy a desk with some extra storage - take a look at our Modern desks as they have a bigger storage component and hey, you don't want to have to upgrade later, do you?


Speaking of storage, what are you looking to store?

You might need space for files, cords (they have a life of their own), pens, pictures of cats...

Thankfully we can solve that problem!  Our desks cater to any possible need.

We have keyboard slides - meaning you can show or hide your keyboard any time you want.

In addition we have wooden slides - with all wooden drawers!  Very stylish and on trend.

Let's not forget metal slides - with a built in mechanism, these will not slide out all the way.  They look pretty cool too!

Now that storage is out of the way, we should make sure that the desk fits: 

Measure the drawer depth, width, height - be sure to do this while the drawer is open as well.


Roundup of Design Advice:

  • Find a desk you love
  • Find a desk that suits your needs
  • Find a desk that fits your requirements and can store what you need
  • Find a desk that fits well within your home
  • Find a desk that makes you feel like a boss!