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A Proud Canadian Company
A Proud Canadian Company
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WFH May Be More Productive than In the Office!

Many companies are reporting more productivity as a result of their employees working from home. With less time spent commuting, fewer in-office coffee breaks, and more direct tasks at hand, companies and their staff are showing that working from home can be even more beneficial than going into the office. 


We started working from home during the pandemic, and our initial thought was definitely “oh no, how is this going to affect our work?” 

We tried to push through, and of course there were a few challenges at the beginning. However, we now feel we’re getting more done than ever before. It’s really a work in progress, but it has resulted in some excellent work and our employees seem happier and more motivated with their remote work schedule. We’ve offered freedom and flexibility, and working from home has created a very open and positive environment for all of our workers. 

Of course there are some things that aren’t going as well as before. Within an office situation, colleagues can share ideas and find support in one another. They can also work as a team to get a task done. Even so, working from home can encourage independence and achieving results, because there are different kinds of distractions.

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WFH is better suited for some companies than others, but don’t be surprised if your company chooses to maintain this strategy. There are so many corporate companies that have opted for long-term or even permanent remote work arrangements, including household names like Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft. Avoiding the daily commute in traffic has been so pleasant for me, and I would not ever want to do that again. I’m happy to be working from home and hopefully will never have to sit in my car for one and a half hours per day again!

Homedesk has all of your solutions to create a productive and fun work environment from home. Managing work-life balance is hard when you can’t separate your office from your house, but with the right equipment it becomes easier to work to get the results you need. We have a wide selection of desks for your workspace, comfortable chairs for all-day task tackling, and art & decor to inspire you. It's important to get the right setup for the right mindset. 

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