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A Proud Canadian Company
A Proud Canadian Company
L-Shaped Desk or Regular Straight Desk?

L-Shaped Desk or Regular Straight Desk?

It’s important to fit your desk with the room it’s in. If you’re planning on building a home office, you need to consider the space you have to use first, before selecting the desk you want to fill the space.

If you have the room, I would always recommend an L-Shaped Desk for your home office. For me, my L-Shaped desk keeps me organized (or at least more organized). I have the Kelly Computer Desk, where I have my printer on the drawers in the elbow of the desk, papers on the “L” part of the desk, and try to keep my main straight based area organized with only my notepad, keyboard and mouse. The three drawers are pretty unorganized, but I like to think that I have a system for the chaos (I may or may not have a few bags of snacks in the large bottom drawer). Drawers add a lot of different options for your desk, and it’s a great way to maximize the space while also saving money! You can add a credenza or filing cabinet to the side or even underneath the desk, but I prefer the drawers built into the desk for a more modern style and better value for money.

Large corner deskRefinery 62W L Shaped Industrial Desk and Chair Set


If you’re using you L-Shaped Desk in the corner of the room in your home office, you’re getting the best use of space. If you’re planning on putting a desk in the middle of the room, you’ll probably want to go with a straight regular desk. A regular desk is probably the prettier option of the two if it’s in the middle of the room. It looks very professional and modern.

Computer Desk - Grey Reclaimed Wood L/R Facing Corner

We have a variety of different L-Shaped desks made exactly for your lifestyle. With different colours to choose from, browse by our categories of writing desks, computer desks, executive desks, and more! We have several different styles of desks with different accents and features. The modern look or the classic, whatever suits your needs.

Here's what a few customers had to say about our products:



Andrew - Cement Look Desk

I own my own tech company, and I needed a modern desk to match the work I'm doing. This functions great for what I need. I love the drawers to keep my home office essentials, as well as my files. The grey finish looks much better in person. I'm very happy with it!



Frances - Grey Reclaimed Wood Corner Desk

Got this desk with the matching filing cabinet, both exceeded my expectations in quality and value. Thanks so much!

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