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A Proud Canadian Company
A Proud Canadian Company
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How to design your home office

There are so many people that need a home office now and sometimes we have no idea where to start.  This blog will hopefully give you a start with your home desk and office.

Here is a few questions to ask before you start

  • where will your office be at home?
  • what type of work do you do?
  • will people be visiting?
  • what equipment is required?
  • will I do video conferencing?
  • do I need storage?

5 Things to consider when setting up

  1. Desks - what size, style, colour and height do you require?
  2. Storage - how much storage do you need?
  3. Lighting - do you need desk lamps or only ceiling lamps?
  4. Layout - how much room do you have and what do you need in the room?
  5. Chair - how much time will you be sitting in the office?

We offer a wide variety of desks, chairs, storage, lighting and equipment for your home office at


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