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inspirational home office wall art and decor

Home Office Wall Art & Decor

Looking to spice up your home office, and make it a little more you? Decorating your home office can be very beneficial in making you more productive and happier when you work from home! It takes time to set up an office space that inspires you. It would be a mistake to think that you can finish up your office in one “decor brainstorming session”. Accumulate things that you love over time to help to inspire you while staying novel and different for your steady workspace. Here are some home office decor ideas that might help you to one day organize your home office in a way that inspires you every day.

Practical and Productive Home Office Wall Decor

It’s not entirely necessary - but it helps - to have a clipboard or whiteboard to hang near your home office. It should be easily accessible and reachable from your work station, so you can always see your tasks and to-do lists. I use my clipboard to pin things that are important every day, and I find it helps me prioritize my daily tasks.

Abstract and Artsy Home Office Wall Decor Ideas

It’s really nice to have something subjective and abstract on the walls of your home office. Looking at it every day, these pieces will make you feel different every time you look at it. My favourite piece of art for home office walls is “Picket Fence in a Storm”. These home office wall art colour schemes make up no particular shapes or images, but are rather a subjective feeling piece. Hopefully your art for your home office will bring you joy, with a different feeling every day. See our home office art, decor, and gifts.

abstract art for office walls


Nature Art Home Office Wall Art

Nature and environment office artwork pieces are less subjective. It looks like what it is, and makes you feel one way all the time. My favourite is “Journey amidst the Trees” for my home office. Spending a lot of time indoors, having natural pieces of art hanging on the walls of my home office makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger, something special in the world. We also have unique World Maps for sale, available on our website. 

nature art for office walls home office.


Bookshelves holding things that inspire you

One thing that inspires me is books - that’s pretty easy! I put all my productivity driven, non-fiction books on my bookshelf’s bottom two racks in my home office. On the top three racks, I have a framed picture of my family, plants, and trinkets. These are all things that inspire me to be more motivated and productive while I work from home.

Trinkets to add to your home office décor

I love my Plane trinket in my home office. Not really because I’m into aviation, more because it ignites my passion for travel. It’s an association with the beauty that is traveling and discovering something new in the world. Your inspiration may not come from an airplane, but it’s always nice to fill out all your space in your home office to put together an entire office room that inspires you.

airplane trinket for your home office.  race car trinket for your home office.


Plants on your Shelves

They say plants are the new pets! I have a mix of different tropical plants and succulents in my home office. I have plants filling out my shelves, on my desk, and on different bracketed shelves around my home office. I love my Little Guy Vase in my home office, he’s absolutely adorable. This piece is really nice, and represents my elegant home office decor.

little guy vase metal man holding up plant pot.


Personalize your home office!

I already talked about my framed family photos, but you can also personalize in other ways too. Are you a business owner? Frame your company’s logo in a large blowout art piece for your home office walls! You are unique, and only you can inspire you. Put up some motivational quotes on your office wall, or anything that will get you excited about the work day!

modern home office.

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