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A Proud Canadian Company
A Proud Canadian Company
child doing homework at a desk.

Creating a Dedicated Workspace for Your Kids

Studies show that creating a separate workspace for your child is an effective way for them to study more effectively. 64% of students will have improved concentration when working at a dedicated workspace.

It’s important to consider creating associations between a place where you do work and actually working! This is equally important to adults, but it’s a good idea to start this habit while you’re young. A dedicated room for your children to study and do schoolwork is a very effective way to increase grades and maybe even quality of life. Doing work on the bed or in front of the TV will not be as effective because of all the distractions it could cause.

white computer desk with angled legs for kids.            one drawer computer desk dark taupe brown colour.

Homedesk offers tons of options for furnishing your child’s study space with desks, chairs, shelving units for organizing, and many more! We offer the lowest price for the privilege of a comfortable at-home work experience. 

A recent study found that 82% of students who didn’t get passing grades didn’t have a dedicated study area. Creating the perfect study space for them to learn is a gift that you can give them – and yourself. 

A workspace or office that is dedicated to studying and is comfortable will provide a path towards success. It's one that you can help pave.

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