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A Proud Canadian Company
A Proud Canadian Company
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Choosing the Right Desk for You

We work from home here at homedesk, and we have the pleasure of using the equipment that we sell in our home office. We love our home desk and office chair, and we put a lot of thought into it before we made the investment. Hopefully our thoughts on the ideal home office setup will translate to your life, and the questions to consider will make you choose the right home office desk. 

I have a home office l shaped desk, because I’m a multitasker. I like to have multiple to-do lists, schedules, purchase orders, and many other things all over my home office table. It’s kind of organized chaos, but I make it work. We have a lot of home office ideas and inspo to talk about to make it ideal for you, because everyone works differently and we want you to be as efficient and productive as possible. Here’s my L-Shaped desk, I absolutely love the drawers for my home office essentials like paper, paperclips, three-hole punch and others.

l shaped desk home office desk canada

We’re a proud Canadian company, and we distribute home office furniture out of Canada for your convenience. We know that Canadians work hard, and we want to help you in your process of getting things done. We specialize in home office organization to make sure that you have everything you need to make your life easier! We have a lot of home office desk ideas that will get you on the way to being successful. 

Home office Layout:

What does your home office look like? If you haven’t started building your home office, what do you imagine your home office design will look like? Really try to visualize the space you have and fill it with cost-effective and space efficient home office furniture. Measure your space and make sure you choose the perfect desk size to work comfortably. Are you placing your desk in the corner? If so, you may want to consider looking for an L-shaped desk or corner desk. There are discrepancies between the two types, and you can see the differences here:


Perhaps you’re looking for a more modern home office desk, with intriguing accents and shapes. We do have these styles of desks available, and they might suit your taste. However, it’s important to note that some of these interesting features actually take up more space than traditional desks. If you can afford the space and the modern style really matches your style, then it’s definitely worth it! I personally prefer the contemporary style home office desks, because I’m a practical and logical person who always looks for efficient use of space. 

Are you looking for a wood, metal, or glass finish? There are advantages and disadvantages to each! Wood desks are the most popular. One advantage is that you can really mix up the stain to match or accent the space with which you’re working. Cherry, espresso, brown, grey… you decide! However, wood can easily nick and scratch over time, something that can’t really be avoided, but it will always be sturdy. Metal desks can also be sturdy, but sometimes it doesn’t work exactly as advertised. The drawers can often be leaked to be a little bit off its mournings. If you prefer the sleek style, this is a small consequence to having a strong desk that will last, that is space efficient with wooden legs not getting in the way of your chair space. Glass tops are awesome. They look beautiful when clean, but let’s face it, you’ll have to clean the top every day to keep it looking neat. One fingerprint and you’re reaching for the windex again.

You’re likely buying a desk for a 40 hour work week, so make sure it motivates you to get down to work and be the most successful version of yourself. Have fun with the creative styles from which you can choose!

Standing or Sitting?

Standing desks are becoming much more common. Science is telling us that we shouldn’t be sitting down so much, and who’s to argue with science? Well… I am. I love sitting. My office chair is SO comfortable, I’m sorry! 

We do have a selection of adjustable standing office desks for your home, I’ll add a link here. If you’re willing to stand to work, go for it! Your back will thank you. If not, you can always purchase one of our on-desk adjustable computer stands later on your standard sitting desk.

standing desk home office desk canada

Do you need a hutch or drawers?

I do. I love that my home office desk has drawers. I really felt like I saved money by purchasing a desk with drawers attached, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about buying a bookcase or filing cabinet later. However, it’s completely up to you to get something that works for your space and your taste. 

What kind of work are you doing?

Are you writing, making art, or working on a computer? It’s important to evaluate the kind of work you’re doing and make sure that the desk you get suits your needs. We have a ton of options for different type of work, check out my favourite crafts table here:

crafts table home office desk canada


Try to narrow down a budget before you go in, and choose your ideal home office desk in accordance to your budget. Make sure to consider size and space when narrowing down your search. 

In which room is your home office?

A friend of mine has a bedroom home office. It seems convenient to have a home office in your bedroom, but science actually contradicts this. It’s said that your bedroom should be your sanctuary, specifically made JUST for sleeping. One should associate their bedroom with ONLY sleep, and doing work in your bedroom will actually worsen your quality of sleep and therefore life. There are of course exceptions to this study, as it’s said that if you work in a studio apartment and have nowhere else to work, your brain will automatically associate your entire home with sleep and everything else, and it won’t affect your quality of sleep. 

Home office Lighting:

It’s important that you use all your senses when you work, especially your eyes! Get lighting that works for your space, we have lighting options that will match your modern or contemporary taste. My favourite is the one with the built in wireless charger, and it also has a usb port for your convenience!

lamp home office canadawireless charger lamp canada

Home office Decor:

Be. Inspired. Looking for home office inspiration? Use all your space, including your walls! Hang up your favourite quotes, and be your best self. Are you an entrepreneur? Hang up your logo or company name on your wall to motivate you! You can also fill your excess desk space with gadgets and knick-knacks to play with. Home office desk toys are actually backed up by science to make you more creative and productive!

Make your home office your own! Everybody’s work habits are different, so adjust your home office design to ensure that you’re being productive and staying true to yourself. I’m certainly happy to be working from home, are you?

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