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A Proud Canadian Company
A Proud Canadian Company
Build the Best PC Gaming Setup

Build the Best PC Gaming Setup

Set yourself up to be the best virtual version of yourself! Get the best gaming setup for the optimal gaming experience to take down your opponents.

gaming setup canada.

What you’ll need:


This one is obvious. Be aware of your surroundings by listening to every footprint and echo. Feeling like you’re inside the game will always give you an advantage over the competition

Gaming Chair

Homedesk has incredible gaming chairs that will make you comfortable and increase your capabilities in whatever game you’re playing. 

gaming chair canada.

Gaming Desk

Make sure your monitor is at the right angle so you don’t hurt your neck while playing the game. Homedesk has a huge selection of desks that are perfect for your gaming den.

gaming desk setup.


The right Computer

Make sure your computer has the capability to handle your game. The processor should be modern, ideally 3.6GHz 8-core with an updated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Your RAM should be big enough to handle all of your games’ memory at once (ideally 32GB), and your memory should be big enough to download the data from your whole collection of games.

Mouse and Keyboard

This is an investment to be the best player you can be. Make sure your computer mouse can track every one of your small movements, and you optimize your sensitivity to your game style to hit all of your targets. 

Your keyboard should have a backlight so that you’re always aware of what you’re pressing to make sure you’re hitting all the right buttons! Dot your Is and cross your Ts. 

Internet Connection

If you’re gaming online, you’ll want to make sure that you have no lag. Try to get 120Mps download and upload speed to make sure you’re never left behind.

Good lighting

You want to get LED strings or LED lamps so that they won’t reflect light off of your monitor. You don’t want to be left in the dark, but too much lighting may be distracting. Find your perfect balance.

Keyboard Brush

Your keyboard may get dirty, and dust settling under the keys may change the sensitivity of your keyboard over time. Invest in a keyboard brush to cost you less money over time.

keyboard brush PC gaming.


Foot Hammock

Kick your feet up! You’re supposed to be comfortable while playing. This is your relaxation time, so you can sit up when it’s not going your way but it’s always nice to hang your feet off the ground in the lobbies in between games or on easy levels and when you’re dominating.

foot hammock for desk.

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